The company

New VMR is an Italian company, born with the aim of offering innovative solutions to improve the quality of urban spaces and to respect the environment, by preferring ecological, eco-friendly and low environmental impact systems.

Retractable power tower
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Retractable power tower

The retractable power towers represent the innovative solution to gain access to the distribution of services, such as electrical power energy, water and compressed air, in total safety, aiming to improve the environment quality and safety.


About us

New VMR S.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer company of fixed and retractable towers for the supply of electric power and complementary services.

We are a dynamic company that can be proud of a young team with a twenty-year experience in the sector and of high-quality products always capable of meeting the client’s needs, also with tailor-made projects.

The company was founded in Cantù, Italy, in 2003, thanks to the collaboration of young and dynamic staff and the desire to take a challenge; shortly after New VMR reached the global market and is trying to go even further in order to become a strong personality in the sector known worldwide.


Our mission is to offer smart and consistent alternatives to the canons of design and street furniture to preserve the beauty of the landscapes and the integrity of architectural style of buildings, town centers and historic sites.

That’s not all: our solutions are designed respecting the natural environment with ecological and eco-friendly systems, resulting into the lowerest environmental impact possible.

The satisfaction of our clients and partners is crucial for our company; given by the flexibility and the professionalism that New VMR team offers by creating tailor-made products with high-quality materials and an elegant and sophisticate design.

Our lines of products

  • Retractable power towers, flip lid units and floorboxes

    There when you need them...hidden when you don't! New VMR designs and manifactures retractable power towers, in-ground units and flip lid units for indoors and outdoors: the perfect way to preserve the natural and the urban landscape.
  • Fixed supply bollards for cities, campsites, harbors and marinas

    Modern design for your cities: fixed bollards for the provision of services, a discreet solution for historic sites, city centres and camping areas.

Our additional products

  • Urban furnishing

    New VMR offers a series of urban furnishing accessories in stainless steel, with a sober and elegant design for cities, gardens, parks and much more! Discover the various solutions of retractable bollards, fixed and removable bollards, arches and barriers.
  • Automatic bollards

    Automatic bollards for traffic limitation and safety.
  • Exhaust systems for campings and trailer parks

    New VMR completes its offer for campings and trailer parks with special designed solution of exhaust systems: self-cleaning wells, exhaust units and siphoned wells.

Can we help you?

New VMR offers Business to Business and Business to Consumer solutions.
Our products are the best option to improve the efficiency of service provision in pubblic and private organisations in an innovative and discreet way.
Our company works with:

  • Wholesalers of electrical materials
  • Privates
  • Municipalities
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Architecture and housing delevopers/design firms
  • Construction companies
  • Camps
  • Sports centers
  • Marinas, ports and harbors
  • Airports and hangars
  • Railways and underground stations
  • Theatres
  • Shopping centers
  • Theme parks

Can’t you find yourself in the catogories above? That’s no problem at all; contact us at for futher information and we’ll be able to satisfy your needs.
We’d like to remind that our product can be customized to meet your projects.

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