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Retractable supplies posts, pop up power systems, inground power distribution units

New Vmr produces a range of multi-funtional retractable supply units and pop up power systems for ther save and clever supply of energy and services, when needed.


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Retractable supplies posts
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Retractable supplies units

The use of retractable power units can also prevent vandalic acts and the improper use of of the supplies.
The pop up pillars supplies units guarantee safety and reliability, they can be used just in case of need and afterwards they can be perfectly camouflaged in each environment. Each urban space become multi-purpose.It is now possible make exibition or events at any time , without having to prepare in advance temporary installations.
In this way in few time you can also save on expenses.These are just few of the countless benefits you can obtain by using high quality retractable power supplies posts.

The retractable supplies units, pop up power systems, are used in every multi-purpose public environment such as
pop up power suppies for market places,pop up pillars for historical centres,retractable distribution units for public parks, pop up power outlets for camping areas,retractable energy supply posts for airports, retractable power systems for railway stations, retractable pillars for stadiums, etc.....
They are also used in private environments such as inground units for villas, pop up pillars for condominial areas,pop up inground posts for workshops, pop up electrical ad supplies distribution posts for industrial warehouses etc...

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